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Our  headquarters is in the city of Sumaré, state of São Paulo, it is very close to the main capital of Brazil City of São Paulo  and the main Brazilian port, Port of Santos.

The company was founded in 2001 as a manufacturer of products for bulk cargo carriers operating in the main ports and cargo terminals on the rail and road, later in 2012, there was a change, becoming an Exporter of Grains and Sugar, with the great demand in the market , it also does business with  animal protein, wood, coffee and others.

With the experience of nearly 20 years in the market, we are very familiar with the main producers and their location. Likewise, we keep our licenses always updated with MAPA/CGC and also with the sanitary inspection bodies of our customers, when necessary.

Our company sells and delivers to any safe port in the world. CIF ASWP. Especially for China, we have the licenses and partner companies to make safe delivery on the Mainland; MOA, AQSIQ and Monsanto, Bayer and other transgenic seed licenses.

Therefore, we thank you for visiting our website and I hope that this information about our company will be enough for you to know. If you have more information, you can contact us at  " CONTACT "

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Wagner Polewacz

Owner and founder of the company, Wagner Polewacz, is always at the forefront of business to maintain the quality and seriousness of export operations.

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