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Our main service and our goal is to be present and organizing the operation from the beginning,  in the purchase of the product, from the Rural producer or agricultural cooperative, in the transport of the producer to the destination of the Shipping Port, ensure that the product at the Port passes all the quality certifications with the SGS or another entity, and finally the Shipment of the product on the ship.this way the cycle is finished. and the Buyer, getting  fully insured, as our cargo insurance is 110%, and it is the buyer's full guarantee.

soja 1.jpg
zero point

The beginning of the operation, right at the Rural producer, here our work begins, with selected producers and cooperatives.

transporte rodoviário.jpg
Point 2

Point 2 is the transport of the product to the Port of shipment, it is done by cargo trucks and train via the railway that we have available.

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At Point 3, this is the final operation, in which the product is already loaded and protected, ready for travel and delivery. 

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